Full Professional Groom

Our Full Professional Groom includes a special Doggy Snow Foam Bath, Stylin to your choice, Nails clipped, ears cleaned and fragrance spray.

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Bath and Brush

Just Want a bath? Well look no further we offer a special Doggy Snow Foam bath to get rid of trapped dirt and a good brush out to freshen the dogs coat.  All finished with a fragrance spray

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Other Services

We offer a descending service for doubled coated dogs which include 1 hour of brushing and deshedding followed with a fragrance spray all for only £10.  We also charge £5 for the dogs anal glands if required.

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The Ultimate Dog Stylin Experience

Unlike most Dog groomers, with Doggy Stylin we take the time to ensure your dog has a STRESS FREE grooming session.

We offer a one to one grooming service in a home from home environment to ensure your dog is as relaxed as possible.

We also have the exact same routine for each dog so they become familiar with what is happening and what is expected of the dog.

Each groom we do will only have the dogs best interest at heart and if a customer asks us to something that is not safe or best practice we will refuse based on the welfare of your dog.

As we welcome customers into our home we treat every dog like they are a member of our family and can provide text message updates to customers through out the process to keep the customer relaxed as well.



We are open Monday to Friday, 9.30am until 4.30pm and Saturdays 10am until 1pm.