About Us


Our Approach

We offer a one to one grooming service in a home from home environment to ensure your dog is as relaxed as possible.

As we welcome customers into our home we treat every dog like they are a member of our family and can provide text message updates to customers through out the process to keep the customer relaxed as well.

Our Story

I became a fully qualified dog grooming in September 2014 and have spent the last 4 years trading under the name Agent Paw.  We decided to change the name as we have changed how the company is made up and wanted to start fresh with a fun fresh name.

We had goals of opening a shop for the past 3 years however due to our amazing customers we have been too busy to make the leap into a commercial premises.  Now we have changed how we operate which will allow us the time to progress into a commercial unit.

Meet the Team

phil copy1


Senior Groomer

Qualified Dog groomer, part time dogs body and professional dog cuddler



Assistant to the senior groomer

Amanda can spot a dog from 1000 meters....its a skill


Mr Gus

Senior Treat Eater

Gus protects the house by barking as customers enter the house and eats treats all day

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Treat your dog right now, go on they deserve it....I mean no one else listens to your issues without judging you so give them a treat and get them groomed today....